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Removable braces

For convenient straightening.

These braces simply clip over your teeth and can be taken out for teeth cleaning, sport, playing a musical instrument and eating.

Simple removable braces usually consist of a plastic plate that covers the roof of the mouth and metal clasps that fit over a few of your teeth. They are sometimes needed during the early stages of treatment to help eliminate an overbite or overjet, or to correct a cross bite. They can also be used to kick-start the work of fixed braces.

More complex removable braces include functional appliances (the most common being the Twin Block), which help correct discrepancies in how the top and bottom jaws fit together. Generally, they are used to help the bottom jaw move to a better position in relation to the top jaw. They are really only effective when a patient is still growing, usually between the ages of 10-14.

Brace benefits
  • Can be taken out by the patient
  • Good oral hygiene can be maintained
  • More complex removable braces can correct ‘bite’ problems
Brace procedure
  • We take impressions of your teeth and these are used to manufacture your brace.
  • When ready, the brace is fitted over your teeth and we will show you how to take it out and pop it back in.
  • You will need to come and see us every 4-5 weeks so we can adjust your brace.

Brace extra bits

Initially, you may find it a little tricky to speak while you are wearing your brace but you will soon get used to it and start talking normally again.

Keep your smile straight

You will need to wear a retainer following any kind of orthodontic treatment to keep your straighter teeth in line.

  • A truly fantastic, care focused team who have transformed my smile and confidence. Dr Davies and the team are outstanding on all levels and I cannot recommend them high enough. If you are looking for a clean, safe and a high performing team to take care of your teeth and deliver exceptional results; look no further. Thank you all!”
    Louise - Patient

  • “I skipped on having braces as a child and took the plunge when I was 28 as this was holding me back with my confidence. At first, I wondered what people would think of a grown man with braces, but I am pleased to say this had no impact at all and I never really noticed that I had them. I thoroughly recommend Colchester Orthodontic Centre to my friends, family and anybody else thinking about having treatment.”
    Warren - Patient

  • “After over 2 years of impeccable TLC from Colchester Orthodontic Centre my daughter is now able to show off the smile she has always deserved! Mr Davies was able to advise us with his wealth of experience as to what was needed, and the result is proof that they clearly know how to look after their client’s needs and ensure the best result at the end of the journey!”
    Paul - Patient

  • My Invisalign experience with Colchester Orthodontic Centre was fab. I was supported the whole way through and given many options and I am now really happy with my teeth. The Invisalign aligners are very comfortable and discreet. I would definitely recommend Invisalign treatment at Colchester Orthodontic Centre.”
    Hollie - Patient

  • “You can make the most of your teeth at any age. Sometimes mature years can make you feel awkward attending the orthodontist, although I have been encouraged and treated with care and attention at every appointment. I try to maintain my teeth as best I can and I have received the very best care you could wish for. I started out feeling reluctant to smile. I am now very happy to smile at any occasion and feel grateful to the wonderful team at Colchester Orthodontic Centre, the whole team treat you with professional care and kindness.”
    Anne - Patient

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