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Removable braces are essentially plastic braces which can be removed by yourself for tooth brushing, contact sports & sometimes when eating. They are generally held in position by metal clasps which fit over certain teeth. They can be either simple removable braces or more complex removable braces.

Simple removable braces are sometimes needed at the early stages of treatment to help eliminate an overbite, overjet or to correct a cross bite. They may also be used to help fixed braces get into action. They may only be needed for a short period of time.


Functional Appliances are more complex removable braces & are used to help correct discrepancies in the way the top & bottom jaws come together. Generally they are used to help the bottom jaw move into a better relationship with the top jaw. They are only effective when an individual is growing rapidly, which is usually between the ages of 10-14 yrs. The most common type of Functional Appliance is the Twin block functional appliance.

What Our Patients Say

  • I had the fixed brace, which is otherwise known as the train tracks. I was nervous before I had my first consultation but afterwards they put me at ease and I was very ready for my brace. I would strongly recommend this place to anyone. - Shelmadine, Patient
  • At Colchester Orthodontics centre our ethos is quite simply to provide outstanding specialist orthodontic treatment combined with outstanding patient care. - Gareth Davies, Principal Orthodontist
  • Before I had my braces on, my teeth were horrendous. Every part of the process is explained to you and they make you feel so comfortable at Colchester Orthodontics - Rachel, Patient
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